#6 - Paddling into Public Land: Using a Kayak to Hunt Whitetails on Public Land

Whitetail Buck taken during archery season in PA

Using a kayak, or some sort of small watercraft, doesn’t require too much effort, and it can really provide a significant advantage. As deer get more and more pressure from hunters during the season, they will use natural obstacles, such as rivers, to provide cover and solitude. In this episode, Dan and I recall some memorable hunts where we used our kayaks to get into our hunting locations and harvest some public-land bucks.

Intro music by R. Scruggs

#5 - Bowhunting, gardening, sugar maples, and preparation for a Colorado mule deer hunt with Damian Piaschyk, Warren, PA


On this episode we talk to Damian Piaschyk. Damian lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two kids. We discuss a wide range of tops from bowhunting whitetails, gardening, tapping sugar maples, foraging for wild leeks, and how he is preparing for a Colorado mule deer hunt this fall.

#3 - A Recap of Dan's 2016-2017 Trapping Season in northwestern, PA


The Pennsylvania trapping season is coming to a close. In this episode, Dan talks about his 2016-2017 trapline. He discusses what sets worked for him when trapping eastern coyotes. Dan also talks about why trapping is important to him, what modifications he does to his traps, and what tools he uses when setting his canine trapline. We hope you enjoy listening to this episode.

#2 - Rippin' Lips and Runnin' Trails, Ozark National Forest, AR


Another Ozark camping trip has come to a close. This was quite an eventful trip. One whole day was dedicated to rafting and fishing Big Piney Creek. Another whole day was dedicated to exploring some 4x4 trails. This was recorded on Van and my last night in the Ozarks. The sound of the cicadas and the crackle of the fire made for the perfect ambiance as we recapped our brief but exciting Ozark adventure.


#1 - There's Sand EVERYWHERE - Camping/Fishing trip to Padre Island, TX


It's starting to feel like a sauna along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Instead of hibernating in an air conditioned apartment, I called up my buddy, Mark, from PA. We decided to go on a camping trip down to Padre Island. We wanted to drive the entire length of North Padre Island. The drive is roughly 60 miles along undisturbed beach to the Port Mansfield cut. The goal was to do a little fishing, a little relaxing, and try not to get too sunburned.