Welcome! Roots, Game, and Trail is a collection of stories and experiences from a group of friends that love the out-of-doors. We’re definitely nothing fancy, just regular people with passions for DIY hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, and exploring, whether it be by foot, vehicle, or anything in between. This site serves as an outdoor journal of sorts with a hint of creative writing and storytelling. In documenting our journeys, we hope to help others learn from our experiences. So, whether you are interested in overlanding through the Ozarks, running a trapline in Pennsylvania, or just looking for a good tale of adventure, we hope you can find it here. There will be a new post the second and last Wednesday of each month. With any luck, there might be something on this site that will spark a little inspiration and prompt you to grab your coat and head outside

-          The RGT crew

The RGT Crew:

Dan Muntz – Dan was born and raised in rural northwestern Pennsylvania. Dan grew up hunting and fishing the farms and hills outside of the Allegheny National Forest. Dan’s love for the outdoors started with fishing and it has since grown to include everything from archery to trapping. He currently lives in Clarendon, Pennsylvania

Contact: dmuntz42@gmail.com

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Kyle Hampton – Kyle was born just north of New Orleans, growing up in the wetlands of Louisiana. His interest in hunting, fishing, and hiking grew from his midwestern roots and blossomed into a love of the complete experience. When he isn’t outside, he spends his time cooking, woodworking, and reading. He brings a displaced southern draw, having lived in Houston, Texas, but currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska.

Contact: kyle.b.hampton@gmail.com


Madi McConnell – Madi was raised in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. She shares the same love of the outdoors as her brother, Rob. So much so, in fact, that she chose to pursue a career as a Wildlife Biologist. She has had the opportunity to work with all sorts of wildlife, from northern saw-whet owls to great plains narrow-mouthed toads. Madi currently lives in Valdez, Alaska. She has earned her master's degree at the University of Alaska Fairbanks where she studied great horned owls and snowshoe hares above the Arctic Circle.

Contact: mhmcconnell@alaska.edu


Rob McConnell (editor)– Rob was born and raised in Blairsville, Pennsylvania. He has an affinity for hunting, fishing, and trapping. He currently resides in Houston, Texas. Since moving to the south, he has been enjoying his time exploring the piney woods of east Texas and familiarizing himself with the local flora and fauna.

Contact: rob@rootsgameandtrail.com


Van Schaeffer – Van is originally from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He has always enjoyed tinkering and working with his hands. It started with guitars and sound equipment, but now he enjoys working on outfitting his truck to become the ultimate expedition/camping rig. Van also has an affinity for kayak fishing. He currently resides in Williamsburg, Iowa, but most of the time he can be found on the various local Iowa lakes trying to catch some bucket-mouths.

Contact: overlandlab@gmail.com