Man vs. Beaver: A Short Film by JK Young


My friend, JK Young, filmed this short video a couple of years ago. We had a discussion about eating beaver meat and Jeff thought it would make for an entertaining short film. Beaver season was still in full swing, but all the other trapping seasons had come to a close in Pennsylvania. I hung my traps up for the season, but then we decided to make 4 sets along a local creek. The traps were out for one night before we made a catch on a small beaver. All four sets were mock castor mounds. I used #4 coilsprings rigged up to a drowning cable.

After the beaver was skinned, fleshed, and boarded, we brought the meat to Ellen so she could work her culinary magic.

Thanks for watching!


PS: Don't mind the liquor boxes scattered around. We were in the process of moving :)

This is a short 12 minute film I shot and edited about a young trapper who works very hard, not only trapping for money, but also to put wild, natural, unprocessed food on his table. I was exploring two themes while making this film: the hard work and passion of the trapper, and a man and woman's shared experience of preparing and eating a naturally caught meal. I view these two themes as deeply historic, and also deeply human, and I hope this shows in the film. Lastly, I am thankful to have had the experience to go into the swamp with trapper and also into their kitchen to document it on video. A full 25 minute instructional version of this adventure will be available on-demand in 2016 for those more interested in the trapping process.