Overland Lab Gear Reviews - Decked Drawer System: A Truck Bed Storage Game Changer


Decked Drawer System in action in the Ozark Mountains

Back in 2015 I was fed up with running a fairly homogenous series of tubs and bags in the back of my truck when going on adventures. I had grown quite weary of having to unpack my truck bed every time in order to find one piece of gear. I never could re-pack the bed the same way twice. After some research, I had decided that a drawer system might be something for me.

I’m an avid DIY guy, so I began looking into building my own system. Wood seemed like an obvious choice, but I’m far from being an expert carpenter, and I feared it would be a long endeavor to get a solid system together. Moreover, in order to build full-length smooth-sliding drawers, I would need heavy-duty drawer sliders. These are a pretty penny. Metal drawers would be an option, but the cost in materials would be much higher, and the weight would be a huge factor.

Enter the Decked Drawer system. I got mine in February, 2016 and have used it heavily since then. In the video below, I’d like to share with you my experience with the Decked Drawers.

This is the review video for the decked drawer system. I purchased this system back in Feb 2016 and have been using it regularly since. Here I present an unbiased review of the pros and cons of the system. Ultimately, if you're thinking of installing a drawer system in a half-ton truck, this is probably the system for you.