Overland Lab – Vehicle Recovery Gear Part 1: The Basics


The author prepares for a dirty recovery.

As outdoor enthusiasts, we often find ourselves taking the path less trodden. We enjoy exploring back-roads, old forest roads, 4x4 trails, or exploring where there isn’t a trail at all. We use our vehicles in order to get to that remote fishing location or to find that secret campsite. But sometimes, exploring those remote locations can come at a price. Getting your vehicle stuck isn’t a matter of “if”, it’s a matter of “when”.

The author uses the Maxsa Escaper Buddies to gain traction and drive out of a rutted-out road.

In this video, I outline some basic vehicle recovery equipment that you should have in order to get yourself, or others, unstuck. Understanding vehicle recovery isn’t only important for the overlanding/off-roading community; it’s important knowledge for every person who wants to continue exploring that rutted-out dirt road.